Integrate Apps And Connect Data Easily And Reliably

Zeaflow integrates your apps to flow your data across them so you can do what you love instead of manual data-entry.

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Connect your apps from mobile devices

Provide a complete solution to automate your data workflow.

Zeaflow is a reliable, secure and easy-to-use integration platform. It interacts with your apps on your behalf. You simply authorize Zeaflow to access your apps and do some drag-drop configuration to setup. Then data will flow freely across the apps. Spray and walk away!

Zeaflow is able to connect commonly used cloud apps and your on-premise software

Zeaflow is easy to use

With modern and intuitive interfaces, Zeaflow gives you a clear and pleased experience from creating workflows to managing them. You can view and act on your data whenever you want, just with a few simple clicks!

Create your automated workflows easily

Zeaflow is reliable

We're using cutting-edge and most reliable enterprise level technology to build a robust integration platform. That will guarantee your data flows in the most smooth manner possible. It's our honor to keep it hassle-free and give you peace of mind.

Reliability is the first priority of Zeaflow and you can feel confident to connect your apps


Zeaflow has mobile native apps (Android, iOS) and Web app so that you can access our service anywhere you want.

Zeaflow endeavors to give you delightful experience with our cutting edge mobile app

Team Collaboration

Allow multiple people to access a workflow with different level of permissions. Some people can only view it while some others can also edit it.

Collaborate with your co-workers on workflows

Quick Account Switch

When you work for different organizations you can login all your accounts and easily switch between them.

Easily switch to dashboard for another organization so you don't login repeatedly


  • Full HTTPS encrypted data transfer.
  • GDPR Compliant: You will know what data we hold for you and you can delete them anytime.
  • Quick and secure access Zeaflow mobile app via Fingerprint or Face ID or PIN.
Keeping your data safe is our paramount mission

Built-in Apps


Filters out the data that you don't care about


Allow you to handle data differently in one workflow based on data input.


Processes each item in a list before going to next step

Batch Processing

You can upload a file to let workflow process each data item in the file.


Transforms numbers, texts, dates to format you like

We also provide many other functions to meet your needs

And More!